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Safety > HANS®


HANS® Head and Neck Restraint System
Accessories Size Chart

LPI Racing is Hans® Factory Trained.


Accessories - Tethers Description P/N (Call for Price)

Hans® Vision Plus Advantage

Post Anchor Sliding Tether System
Breakthrough, patent pending HANS Vision Advantage Plus tether system
allows full range of head motions for unlimited side to side vision
Can be retrofit to any HANS® Device ever made
Kit for converting one HANS® Device to sliding tether system
Contains tether carriers, nutwashers, tether and full instructions
Medium 18 inch length fits all HANS® Devices except size Extra Large
Extra Large users please call for details.
TU 11321-2
PA VA+ sliding tether and carriers only TK 1131

Quck Click Anchor
QC VA+ sliding tether upgrade kit, complete
TU 11421
QC VA+ sliding tether and carriers only TK 1141

Hans® QD Tether Loop Only
Quick Disconnect Loops Set, Tether SFI - Loop Only - Polyester
For use with Quick Disconnect tethers
Requires QD tethers to attach to device
Buy extra loops for additional helmets
Set of two HANS® quick disconnect helmet loops. Requires QD tethers on device.
Easily attached to any device.
TK 222-L


Accessories - Anchors Description P/N (Call for Price)
To upgrade to the new Quick Click anchor
with standard fixed length tethers or the sliding tether.
AK 1142-2

Hans® Post Anchor - Eco Series
Standard Helmet Anchors, Pair, SFI - Black Polycarb Base
Standard HANS® helmet anchor, set of two.
Standard with all Sport Series devices.
Modifies one helmet for use with HANS® devices.
Standard anchors have black engineered plastic bases.
AK 1132-22

Hans® Post Anchor - Pro Series
Professional Helmet Anchors, Pair, Post Anchor SFI - Colored Alum Base*
Two professional aluminum HANS®
Standard with all professional devices.
Modifies one helmet for use with HANS®
Includes complete fitting instructions
Pro anchors have aluminum bases available in several colors.
Black is supplied as standard or Blue, Gold, Red and Silver
AK 1132-12

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Choosing and Fitting Your HANS® Device

It's easy to find the right HANS Device for you.


For comfort the HANS should match the angle of your seatback.

* MODEL 10 - EXTREME UPRIGHT SEAT - Fits many Sprint cars. Fits many people weighing under 75 lbs. in an upright seat. If you sit very upright and cannot get comfortable with a Model 20 try this Model.
* MODEL 20 - UPRIGHT SEAT- Fits all sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats.
* NOTE: Drivers over 200 lbs. may find a Model 30 more comfortable in vehicles listed above. In all cases driver comfort is the deciding factor.
* MODEL 30 - SEMI RECLINED SEAT - Fits Formula Mazda, Atlantic, Infiniti Pro, Barber Dodge, IRL, C/D Sports Racer, Formula 1 and similar.
* MODEL 40 - RECLINED SEAT - The Model 40 is a rare application and fits extremely reclined seats such as Vintage Formula Ford. Many people who buy a Model 40 return it for a Model 30. Please measure your seat (use an angle meter available at DIY-type stores) before ordering.


The HANS Device attaches to your helmet via two metal anchors. 90% of our customers install their own anchors - all you need is a 1/4 inch drill and measuring tape. Devices come with instructions plus a special installation tool.


Some models are available in different series. The only difference is weight - all HANS Devices offer the same class-leading protection. The Professional Series weighs about 1 pound and the Sport Series weighs about 2.25 pounds. Weights vary due to size and accessories.

HANS Sizing Chart

# Use this chart to determine which HANS Device best fits you
# Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes
# You may find that several HANS Devices fit your body - choose the most comfortable one
# All HANS Devices work exactly the same no matter which size you choose

Hans® Size Chart

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