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Livermore Performance offers a wide variety of Brake components. Call us and let us help you determine the best combination of brake components for how you use your car.
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Brake Cooling Hose
Brake Cooling Hose 350° 350°F Aircraft Neoprene - Designed for moving air from -65°F to 350°F, this Neoprene hose is an extremely lightweight, highly flexible, low-pressure ducting. Constructed with fiberglass cord, bronze-plated steel-spring wire helix and ribber-coated fiberglass fabric to meet your ducting needs. Can be screwed together to from a continuous length. Perfect for air ducts, oil and transmission coolers and intake ducts. Available in 10' sections only.
Material Temp. Length Dia. P/N (Call for Pricing)
Neoprene 350°F 10' 2" N200
Neoprene 350°F 10' 2.5" N250
Neoprene 350°F 10' 3" N300

Brake Cooling Hose 600° 600°F Aircraft Silicone - Designed for moving air from 80°F to600°F, this silicone ducting is lightweight and extremely flexible. It is excellent for close-quarter applications where ducting has to snake around objects. Construction includes fiberglass cord with high-temperature silicone rubber-coated woven fiberglass fabric and bronze-plated steel-spring wire helix. Can be screwed together to form a continuous length. Good for applications where high temperatures exist such as brake ducting. Available in 11' sections only.
Material Temp. Length Dia. P/N (Call for Pricing)
Silicone 600°F 11' 2" S200
Silicone 600°F 11' 2.5" S250
Silicone 600°F 11' 3" S300
Silicone 600°F 11' 5" S500

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Brembo Disk Hardware Brembo Disk Hardware kit
(Shown Installed)
Brembo Disk Hardware P/N (Call for Pricing)
Hardware for GT Kit (for kit 2C1.8001A) 05.5732.16 Bolt
Most 28mm thick Discs 91.5502
Most 32mm thick Discs 91.5503
Some 34mm thick Discs, (Bolts Only) 91.5504
Some 34mm thick Discs, (Full Kit) 91.5506

Brembo Pad Retainer Brembo Pad Retainer Kit
Kit includes Retainer, 2 Clips and 2 Pins
Brembo Pad Retainer Kit Caliper P/N (Call for Pricing)
Anti Rattle Spring Plate (takes 1 per caliper) Cobra R Kit 20.4196.71
Guide Pin (takes 2 per caliper) Cobra R Kit 20.5116.24
Brake Pad Anti Rattle Spring, (takes 1 per caliper) F40/F50 20.4196.76
Guide Pin (takes 2 per caliper) F40/F50 20.4908.50
Guide Pin Clip (takes 2 per caliper) F40/F50 05.4542.27
Seal Kit, 36/40 mm Lotus RTO-036

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Wilwood Brake Bias Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve
Fine-tune your brake system by adjusting the line pressure to your rear brakes for the optimum brake balance. The valve comes with the correct adapters. Very easy installation! When installing an adjustable proportioning valve, BPV-2 is the plug needed to modify your stock valve. This plug is intended for off-highway application only.
Wilwood Cotter Pins Wilwood Cotter Pins for Dynalite Caliper
Wilwood Size Application P/N (Call for Pricing)
Brake Proportioning Valve BPV-1
Brake Proportioning Valve, Plug BPV-2
Cotter Pins 1/8"x3 ½ 1.25 Dynalite 180-0056

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