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LPI Racing can supply you with everything you need to get your car on the road course, autocross or improve the street performance. Whether your car is stock or highly modified, we can help you get that power to the ground. More importantly, we can set you up with the brakes to get your car stopped. If you are ready to unleash more of the performance potential of your car you need to give us a call. We can help you improve that "Sporty" handling for the street or give you a full-on "Track Monster" that will put the higher horsepower cars to shame when the corners start getting tight. Because of the racing in SCCA, NASA and many other series of racing, there are many aftermarket performance products designed for your car.

We sell The Racers Group products that specialize in Porsche's. We also have the latest offerings from companies like AP Racing, Autopower, Bilstein, Brembo, Canton, Eibach, Ground Control, H&R, Hawk, Hotchkis, Koni, Porterfield, Safecraft, Sparco, Tokico and XRP to name a few.

Follow the navigation links to the left and check out Brakes, Engine, Safety and Suspension. Some of the links take you to "common" areas of our website, so use the "Back" button on your browser to get back to the car specific section of our site. Call if you don't see your car listed

Some of the NEW PRODUCTS available for the Porsche include the Porsche/Brembo GTP-Lightweight brake systems for the '74 to '89 911 & 930 cars. These provide Brembo quality components with a weight savings of approx. 3 lbs per wheel for the calipers. That is unsprung weight we're talking about. For the rotors the weight savings is ~10 lbs per wheel front and 12 lbs. per wheel for the rear. Not only is that unsprung weight, but also rotating mass we're reducing here. Check out the Porsche Brakes page for more information on Brembo and Porsche brake systems or give our tech line a call (406) 420-2400.

The Racer's Group
Safety Products: Brey-Krause is always expanding their line of products from shorter lap belt mounting hardware for you guys and gals that are smaller than the average person you see super-sizing their order at the Dairy Queen. So if you've been having a problem getting the lap belts as tight as you should while in the correct seating position, you may want to get a set of these brackets. We can also get you the latest additions to the Brey-Krause Harness Truss and Harness guide bars for your Porsche. While we prefer customers use a roll bar like those we offer from Autopower, we understand that some people just don't want to put a roll bar in their car"

The products listed below are an example of what Livermore Performance can provide for your car.
Brakes Package Includes

Brembo Brake Kit

It doesn't get any better than this! We can put together the best products together for your car to help you out brake your competition. A Brembo GT front 2-piece slotted rotor brake kit. Hawk HT-10 brake pads front and rear. And to install and maintain your brakes, we've included Motul RBF-600 brake fluid and the Motive Products Power Bleeder. Even if you don't seriously track your car it will look great with this kit. We can offer this package with a Performance Street brake pad or other competition brake pad, depending how you use your car.

- 1 ½ Liters Brake Fluid, Motul RBF 600 DOT 4
- Brembo Front Brake Kit, 328x28mm 2-Piece Slotted Disc, 4 Piston Calipers
- Hawk Front and Rear Brake Pads HT-10 Compound
- SS Brake Lines Front and Rear

Consider the Motive Products Power Bleeder if you are going to do your own brake work.

Note: Other brake pad compounds available from Hawk, Pagid and Porterfield.
Engine Package Includes
Brey-Krause Oil Pan
- Aluminum -10 AN." " adapter
- Aluminum Straight Braided Hose to AN -10
- Aluminum adapter fittings Straight
- Oil Cooler Fittings
- Setrab Oil Cooler
- Stainless steel braided racing hose
Safety Package Includes

- Autopower 4-Point Race Roll Bar w/Diagonal Cross Brace & Harness Mount Tube
- CROW 6-Point Cam Lock Safety Harness, Black w/Optional Velcro Sternum Strap
- CROW Sternum System, Velcro® Type

- Brey-Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount (For 2.5 lb. Halon Extinguisher)
- Brey-Krause Adapter for SC Billet Ext. Mount
- I/O Port Video Camera Mount
Tools Description

Motive Products Power Bleeder

- AN Wrench Double End 10 - 12
- AN Aluminum Vise Jaws
- Motive Products Power Bleeder

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