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Canton, Accusump XRP
Oil Accumulators Check Valve




An Accusump is an oil reservoir that is connected to the engine's oiling system. It is designed to deliver pressurized oil to an engine before starting to eliminate dry star scuffing (pre-oiling) and to discharge its reservoir of oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage during demanding racing conditions.

It installs simply with only one oil line connecting it. Through this line the Accusump fills and discharges. This oil line may be plumbed into the return line of an oil cooler or remote filter using a "T" fitting, into an oil input sandwich adapter, or directly into one of the engines oil galleys.

The Accusump's design includes a piston. On one side of this piston is pressurized air and on the other side of the piston is the reserve of oil. To hold this reserve of oil in the Accusump when the engine is not running and there is no oil pressure to hold it, a valve must be installed on the oil line. The three different valve options for the Accusump are the manual ball valve for pre-oiling and surge control, electric valve for pre-oiling operation , and the EPC (electric pressure control) valve for pre-oiling and surge control. Before the engine is started the operator should open the manual valve or turn on the toggle switch or ignition switch to activate the electric valve or the EPC valve. The opened or activated valve releases the reserve of oil that is under pressure in the Accusump. This released oil will go tot the engine's bearings to pre-oil the engine for a non-scuff start. After the engine is running and the oil pump builds pressure, oil is pumped back into the Accusump for the next restart or whenever the engine's normal oil pressure is interrupted. The Accusump will automatically charge and discharge as needed to maintain oil pressure during hard cornering , acceleration and braking.

Canton Accusump Turbo-Oiler Accusump Turbo After-Oiler Installation Kits to connect into existing oil feed lines
#24-550 Includes two 1/4" compression fittings for steel oil feed lines.
#24-551 Includes two 5/16" compression fittings for steel oil feed lines.
#24-552 Includes two 3/8" compression fittings for steel oil feed lines.
Accusump Turbo After-Oiler Length Dia. P/N (Call for Pricing)
TURBO OILER INSTALL KIT FOR 1/4” LINE two compression fittings to connect into existing steel oil feed lines. 24-550
TURBO OILER INSTALL KIT FOR 5/16” LINE two compression fittings to connect into existing steel oil feed lines. 24-551
TURBO OILER INSTALL KIT FOR 3/8” LINE two compression fittings to connect into existing steel oil feed lines. 24-552

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Accusump Stainless Steel Mounting Clamps
Canton Accusump Stainless Steel Mounting Clamps Mounting Accusumps. When used on each end of an Accusump they provide the proper support at the end caps to ensure the tube does not become distorted. These are sold as a set of two stainless steel T-clamps.
#24-240 Steel band mounting brackets for 1-QT 3-1/4" Dia. Accusumps
Check Valve
Canton Check Valve #24-280 Check Valve ensures all the oil being discharged out of an Accusump goes to lubricate the engine bearings and is not fed back toward the pump For used in a system where a remote filter or cooler is use Uses 1/2" N.P.T. female Threads.
Accusump Accessories P/N (Call for Pricing)
ACCUSUMP MOUNTING CLAMPS 1 QT SS 3 ¼" Diameter Clamps for Pre Oiler Accusump and Turbo After-Oiler 24-240

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Accusump Manual Ball Valve
Canton Manual Ball Valve #24-260 Manual Accusump Ball Valve with female 1/2"N.P.T. ends. Comes with 1/2" N.P.T. pipe nipple for installation to the Accusump.
Accusump Electric Pressure Control Valves (E.P.C. Valves)
Canton EPC Valve E.P.C. Valves for Accusumps have an advantage over all other types of valve. These valve have the convenience of an electric valve for remote mounted units and the rapid refill rate of a manual valve as required in racing. The E.P.C. valving will only allow the Accusump to discharge when the engine's oil pressure drops below a predetermined level and only refill when the pressure rises above that level. Comes with the regulator, electric valve, a pipe nipple, a toggle switch, wire, terminals and instructions.
#24-271K To convert a standard #24-270 to #24-271 specifications.
Accusump Manual & Electric Valves P/N (Call for Pricing)
ACCUSUMP EPC UPGRADE KIT 20-25 PSI Retrofit kit for Accusump #24-270 to E.P.C. Specifications 24-271K

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Accusump Quick Facts
90% of wear on engine components occurs during start up before oil pressure is established. The Accusump can eliminate this "cold start scuffing" by delivering oil under pressure before the engine is started.
The Accusump is precision built from heavy wall, roller burnished aluminum tubing with a teflon hard coated interior for long lasting reliable performance.
The Accusump's design allows it to be mounted in any position, vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between.
A safety blow off valve designed to release when pressure inside the Accusump increases to an unsafe level is installed on every Accusump. (Valve is only hand tightened from the factory)
If the need ever arises; Any Accusump can be rebuilt using Canton's rebuild service.
Accusump Installation Tips
Using a "T" fitting is a popular method of plumbing an Accusump into an engine's oiling system.
Placing an adapter between your spin-on filter and block to plumb an Accusump into an engines oiling system is also a popular method.
Hose, fittings, and oiling adapters are available individually.

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Flapper uses a hinged metal gate with rubber gasket and must be installed with the direction of flow and against gravity or force (otherwise the weight of the fluid could cause the swing gate to open).
NPT P/N (Call for Pricing)
-4 732604
-6 732606
-8 732608
-10 732610
-12 732612
-16 732616

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