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PIAA Bulbs - Can't see while driving at night? Step up to the PIAA H3, H4 and 9000 series replacement bulbs for your car or truck. Some people buy these replacement bulbs for appearance only. We don't mind looking cool at night, but the increased safety of being able to see where you're driving is why we like the PIAAreplacement bulbs. They work great with the PIAAauxillary driving lamps also. Disclaimer:We do not recommend driving over the posted speed limits, but if you do, you need the extra lighting of the PIAA bulbs to reduce overdriving your OEMlights. Check your local laws for operation of auxiliary lighting as they vary from one state to the next. Please use your PIAA lights in a safe and legal manner.

The bulbs listed below are for "Twin Packs". Individual bulbs are available. Call us for your PIAA Lamp & Bulb orders.

PIAA 9000 series head light replacement bulbs to brighten up your night driving for both safety and comfort.

Super White & Exteme White Plus P/N (Call for Price)
HB5 65/55w=120/110w, 4000K P 19617

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Ford Year Headlamps Low
Aerostar 92 - 97 9007
Bronco 92 - 96 9007
Crown Victoria 98 - 04 9007
Econoline w/Composite 92 - 02 9007
Escort 97 - 03 9007
Excursion 02 - 04 9007
Expedition 97 - 02 9007
Explorer 95 - 01 9007
Explorer Sport / Sport Trac 02 - 04 9007
F-150 Heratige 2004 9007
F-Series Super Duty 2004 9007
F-Series (all) 92 - 03 9007
Ranger 93 - 04 9007
Taurus 92 - 04 9007
Thunderbird 02 - 04 9007
Thunderbird 94 - 97 9007
Windstar 95 - 03 9007
ZX2 97 - 03 9007

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Kelvin Scale-Color temperature is a unit of measure for the color of light - it is not necessarily related to the heat of the light source. A higher color temperature represents a color closer to actual sunlight.

Notice to Consumer

PIAAlamps are intended for use solely as auxiliary lighting. PIAA lamps are not intended to be used for headlight purposes, nor are they certified for headlight usage. Auxiliary lighting laws vary from state to state. PIAAmakes no representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the legality of its products for street use on any vehicle or in any location. PIAA lamps are designed to improve visibility during night time motoring and inclement weather conditions. However, irresponsible use of any auxiliary light can be dangerous and illegal.

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