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AP Racing Big Brake Systems
AP Racing Big Brake upgrades have been developed to be the ultimate performance brake upgrade. All kits are designed to perform with the factory OE master cylinder and are ABS compatible. Each kit includes world famous AP Racing 2, 4 or 6-Piston Aluminum Alloy Calipers with AP Racing performance Cross-Drilled and/or Slotted Rotors. The rotors are one or two piece curved vane for maximum cooling. Also included is 6061 T6 Aluminum mounting brackets with steel inserts for added strength, DOT Tested Stainless Steel Brake Lines, and all the necessary Aerospace Grade hardware to install the kit. Many kits require 18" or larger wheels so please call for a brake profile to check wheel clearance. You too can now posses the same advance brake technology found in the Indy Racing League (IRL), Formula 1, World Rally Car (WRC), and NASCAR at an affordable price.

Please call for a brake profile template to check for wheel clearance before ordering. Wheel spoke design and backspacing can vary among different wheel designs and the installer must verify fitment.
Mazda Year Description F / R Color Caliper Disc P/N (Call for Price)
RX-8 03-07 +AP BRAKE SYSTEM FRONT BLK 4-PISTON 2PC 13" Cross-Drilled / Slotted AP4600
RX-8 03-07 +AP BRAKE SYSTEM FRONT RED 4-PISTON 2PC 13" Cross-Drilled / Slotted AP4600R

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Brembo 1A1 Brembo 1B2 Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems are comprised of both 1 or 2-piece vented rotors that are 12 to 15 inches cross-drilled or slotted. In the 2-piece system, billet aluminum hats are application specific and have been individually machined to engineering specifications. The marriage of these pieces create a "floating disc" which reduces heat related stress and improves brake performance and pedal feel. All Calipers are available in Black, Red or Silver unless otherwise specified.
Many of the Gran Turismo systems require modification to, or removal of the OEM dust shield or backing plate.
Unless otherwise specified, all systems available either drilled or slotted. the third digit in the P/N denotes disc type. 1 = drilled, 2 = slotted.
1B2 GT1 (F50 - Type) 4 Piston Red Calipers w/2-Piece Slotted Disks
1A1 GT2 (Lotus - Type) 4 Piston Black Calipers w/2-Piece Drilled Disks
P/N Description Caliper Clearance Guide
Mazda Year Wheel F/R Piston Color Disk Size Disk Note P/N Drilled P/N Slotted A B C
Miata 90-05 16" Front 4 B, R, S 12.3" / 313x28 mm 2-Piece 1A1.5001A N/A 37 103 184
3 05+ Front 4 B, R, S 330x28 mm 1-Piece 1A4.6004A N/A 41 110 192
6 04+ Front 4 B, R, S 330x28 mm 1-Piece 1A4.6005A N/A 41 110 192
RX-7 93 -95 17" Front 4 (36 & 40mm) B, R, S 13.1" / 332x32 mm 2-Piece 1B1.7010A 1B2.7010A 29 110 188
RX-8 04+ 17" Front 4 B, R, S 12.9" / 328x28 mm 2-Piece 1A1.6018A 1A2.6018A 34 110 192

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