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Hawk Brake Pads - If you are looking for and excellent Street Brake Pad, the HPS Pads are the way to go. The HPPlus may be a little noisy for Street use, but offer good Autocross characteristics. The Black Brake pads are for light duty track use and is not recommended for street driving. The Hawk Blue is an excellent brake pad for those who "Open Track" their cars and is our most popular pad for that application. If you feel you need more stopping power yet, the HT-10 may be what you need. And for the all out Racer we have the DTC-60 or DTC-70 pads.

FERRO-CARBONT Racing Friction
Ferro-CarbonT is a unique, high-tech friction material developed and manufactured by Hawk Performance for the racing community. All Ferro-CarbonT materials exhibit non-fade performance and have been evaluated up to and beyond 1,600°F. Each material offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than all other competitive materials available on the market today.

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Hawk - Ford Engine Year Front Rear
Escort GT 1.8 1991-1996 HB246.567 HB157.484
Escort LX 1.9 1991-1996 HB246.567
Escort LX 2 1997-1998 HB246.567 HB159.492
Escort LX-E 1.8 1992-1993 HB246.567
Escort Pony 1.9 1991-1992 HB246.567
Escort Sport 1.9 1993-1995 HB246.567
Escort Sport 2 1997-1998 HB246.567 HB159.492
Escort 1.9 1993-1996 HB246.567
Escort 2 1997-2002 HB246.567 HB159.492
Focus LE 2 2000-2000 HB346.713
Focus LX 2 2000-2000 HB346.713
Focus LX 2 2001-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus LX 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus S 2 2007-2007 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus S2 2 2001-2002 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus SE 2 2000-2000 HB346.713
Focus SE 2 2001-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus SE 2 2007-2007 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus SE 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus SES 2 2007-2007 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus ST 2.3 2007-2007 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus Street 2 2001-2002 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus SVT 2 2002-2004 HB449.679 HB430.547
Focus ZTS 2 2000-2000 HB346.713
Focus ZTS 2 2001-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZTS 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZTW 2 2002-2003 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZTW 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZX3 2 2000-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZX3 2 2005-2006 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus ZX3 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZX4 2 2005-2006 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus ZX4 ST 2.3 2005-2006 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus ZX5 2 2002-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZX5 2 2005-2006 HB519.682 HB430.547
Focus ZX5 2.3 2003-2004 HB346.713 HB430.547
Focus ZXW 2 2005-2006 HB519.682 HB430.547
FusIon Hybrid 2.3 2008-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Fusion S 2.3 2006-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Fusion SE 2.3 2006-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Fusion SE 3 2006-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Fusion SEL 2.3 2006-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Fusion SEL 3 2006-2008 HB565.688 HB564.567
Focus w/ Brembo Gran-Turismo Kit HB194.570
GT 5.4 2005-2006 HB453.585 HB453.585
Probe GT 2.5 1993-1997 HB211.606 HB212.535
Probe 2 1993-1997 HB211.606 HB212.535
Taurus G 3 1996-1997 HB347.689
Taurus GL 2.5 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus GL 2.5 1989-1991 HB240.620
Taurus GL 3 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus GL 3 1989-1993 HB240.620
Taurus GL 3 1994-1998 HB347.689
Taurus GL 3.8 1988-1988 HB259.620
Taurus GL 3.8 1989-1993 HB240.620
Taurus GL 3.8 1994-1995 HB347.689
Taurus L 2.5 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus L 2.5 1989-1990 HB240.620
Taurus L 3 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus L 3 1989-1992 HB240.620
Taurus L 3.8 1988-1988 HB259.620
Taurus L 3.8 1991-1992 HB240.620
Taurus LX 2.5 1987-1987 HB259.620
Taurus LX 3 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus LX 3 1989-1993 HB240.620
Taurus LX 3 1994-1998 HB347.689
Taurus LX 3.8 1988-1988 HB259.620
Taurus LX 3.8 1989-1993 HB240.620
Taurus LX 3.8 1994-1995 HB347.689
Taurus MT5 2.5 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus MT5 3 1987-1988 HB259.620
Taurus SE 3 1995-1995 HB347.689
Taurus SE 3 2006-2006 HB416.689
Taurus SE 3.8 1995-1995 HB347.689
Taurus SEL 3 2006-2006 HB416.689
Taurus SHO 3 1989-1992 HB240.620 HB580.627
Taurus SHO 3 1993-1993 HB240.620 HB417.659
Taurus SHO 3 1994-1994 HB347.689 HB417.659
Taurus SHO 3.2 1993-1993 HB240.620 HB417.659
Taurus SHO 3.2 1994-1994 HB347.689 HB417.659
Taurus SHO 3.4 1998-1999 HB416.689 HB417.659
Taurus 2.5 1986-1986 HB259.620
Taurus 3 1986-1986 HB259.620
Taurus 3 1999-2000 HB347.689 HB417.659
Taurus Police 3 2001-2002 HB347.689 HB417.659
Taurus Exc. Police 3 2001-2002 HB416.689 HB417.659
Taurus 3 2003-2005 HB416.689 HB417.659
Thunderbird LX 3.8 1989-1992 HB240.620
Thunderbird LX 3.8 1993-1997 HB182.660
Thunderbird LX 4.6 1994-1997 HB182.660
Thunderbird LX 5 1991-1992 HB240.620
Thunderbird LX 5 1993-1993 HB182.660
Thunderbird SC 3.8 1989-1992 HB240.620 HB580.627
Thunderbird SC 3.8 1993-1995 HB182.660
Thunderbird 2.3 1987-1988 HB263.650
Thunderbird 3.8 1987-1988 HB263.650
Thunderbird 3.8 1989-1992 HB240.620
Thunderbird 3.9 2002-2005 HB376.665 HB428.650
Thunderbird 5 1977-1978 HB292.674
Thunderbird 5 1987-1988 HB263.650
Thunderbird 5 1991-1992 HB240.620
Thunderbird 5.8 1977-1978 HB292.674
Thunderbird 6.6 1972-1972 HB292.674
Thunderbird 6.6 1977-1978 HB292.674
Thunderbird 7 1972-1973 HB292.674
Thunderbird 7.5 1972-1976 HB292.674
ZX2 S/R 2 1999-2000 HB246.567 HB159.492
ZX2 2 1998-2003 HB246.567 HB159.492
Hawk - Lincoln Engine Year Front Rear
LS Sport 3.9 2006-2006 HB376.665 HB428.650
LS 3 2000-2005 HB376.665 HB428.650
LS 3.9 2000-2005 HB376.665 HB428.650
Zephyr 3 2006-2006 HB565.688 HB564.567
Hawk - Mercury Engine Year Front Rear
Cougar LS 3.8 1989-1992 HB240.620
Cougar LS 5 1991-1992 HB240.620
Cougar S 2.5 2001-2001 HB420.724
Cougar XR-7 3.8 1989-1990 HB240.620 HB580.627
Cougar XR-7 3.8 1993-1997 HB182.660
Cougar XR-7 4.6 1994-1997 HB182.660
Cougar XR-7 5 1977-1979 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 5 1987-1988 HB263.650
Cougar XR-7 5 1991-1992 HB240.620 HB580.627
Cougar XR-7 5 1993-1993 HB182.660
Cougar XR-7 5.8 1974-1974 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 5.8 1976-1979 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 6.6 1974-1974 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 6.6 1976-1978 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 7.5 1974-1974 HB292.674
Cougar XR-7 7.5 1976-1976 HB292.674
Cougar 2 1999-2002 HB420.724
Cougar 2.5 1999-2002 HB420.724
Cougar 5 1977-1979 HB292.674
Cougar 5.8 1975-1975 HB292.674
Cougar 5.8 1977-1979 HB292.674
Cougar 6.6 1975-1975 HB292.674
Cougar 6.6 1977-1978 HB292.674
Cougar 7.5 1975-1975 HB292.674

Hawk Brake Pads
Street / Track Pad Description
Hawk Ceramic Ceramic - Letter Code x = Z
Hawk Performance has introduced a premium, high performance, ultra-low dust, low noise compound called Performance Ceramic. Call for Price and Availability.

Performance Ceramic is engineered to reduce brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), creating a quieter performing brake pad. Furthermore, the ceramic brake pad formula has a linear friction profile that allows your ABS brake system to work more effectively. With Performance Ceramic you can expect reduced brake pad wear, lower dust output levels and a rotor-friendly brake pad.
Hawk HPS HPS - Letter Code x = F
Performance Street Pads, Low noise, dust, and rotor friendly. Good for autocross events also.

HPS - High Performance Street disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal vehicle. Increasing the performance of your vehicles braking system is easy when you choose Hawk Performance's HPS braking compound. This unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology.

The High Performance Street compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock brake pads and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most standard replacement pads. Less fade means you'll have a highly durable brake pad with less brake dust.
Hawk Brake Pads Competition Pad Description Temp. Range
Hawk Race Brake Pads Hawk Performance, the official Brake Pad for SCCA, has long been the industry leader in friction material development for sports car and open wheel type road race applications.

Hawk Performance offers a wide variety of Brake compounds with features designed to meet the demands of all types and classes of road racing.

Hawk Performance is committed to understanding the specific needs of the race car, the driver and the road race circuit. Hawk is constantly testing, developing and improving their line of brake materials to give road racing enthusiasts unbeatable braking performance.
HP Plus - Letter Code x = N
Extremely high coefficient of friction makes HP Plus the perfect upgrade over stock for high performance street cars used in autocross competition or that experience repetitive, heavy braking.
100 - 800°F
38 - 482°C
Black - Letter Code x = M
Medium torque and temperature compound designed to be a good, all-purpose low-cost racing brake pad.
100 - 900°F
38 - 482°C
Blue - Letter Code x = E
Medium/High torque and temperature compound with excellent brake modulation. #1 selling brake pad material for SCCA.
250 - 1000°F
121 - 538°C
HT-10 - Letter Code x = S
Intermediate to high torque with a smooth initial bite. Very consistent pedal feel. Excellent modulation and release characteristics.
300 -1600°F
149 - 871°C
HT-14 - Letter Code x = V
Very high torque with aggressive initial bite. Excellent modulation and release characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with extremely high deceleration rates and down force.
300 - 1400°F
149 - 871°C
DTC-05 - Letter Code x = H
Smooth, Predictable Torque. Dirt Circle Track, Autocross/Track Day Events
100 - 900°F
38 - 482°C
DTC-30 - Letter Code x = W
Controllable Torque. Smooth Feel and Bite. Excellent Release Characteristics. Dirt CircleTrack
100 - 1200°F
38 - 649°C
DTC-60 - Letter Code x = G
High Torque. Excellent Torque Control. Excellent Modulation and Release Characteristics. NASCAR, Hooters Cup, ARCA,ASA, Super Late Models, Sports Car / GT, Open Wheel/ Formula
400 - 1600°F
204 - 871°C
DTC-70 - Letter Code x = U
High Torque. Excellent Torque Control, Modulation and Release Characteristics. Designed for High Deceleration Rates. NASCAR, Hooters Cup, ARCA,ASA, Super Late Models, Sports Car / GT, Open Wheel/ Formula
400 - 1600°F
204 - 871°C

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Pagid Brake Pads Pagid Brake Pads

Sport - This is a high performance compound with low fading characteristics and high cold-friction. The most comfortable medium friction sport compound. The Sport Pad is street legal, rotor friendly and suitable for street and light track use. The majority of the "Sport" Line is standard with anti-noise shims.

RS 4-2-1 / RS 4-2-2 Black
High Performance compound with low fading characteristics and high cold friction. The RS 4-2-1 is a most comfortable medium friction compound and very easy on the disc (rotors). Very popular for brake up grades or tuning. It is OE on various Super Sports Cars among others Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus or McLaren. Suitable for street and light track use such as track days or driving education.
RS 4-2 Blue
Medium friction racing compound with immediate low temperature response. Fading resistance up to 500°C ( 930°F). The RS 4-2 beds quickly and has a very good modulation (controllability). It is a classic Rally compound and one of the most commonly used pad in small single-seater (F3, F-Ford, F-BMW, F-Renault etc.). Popular also in showroom stock racing and club racing. Can be used as a rear pad in combination with a higher friction front pad.

RS 4-4 Orange
Medium friction racing compound with a higher average friction value than the RS 4-2. It is disc friendly with a predictable, non-aggressive friction behavior (stable torque). Fading resistance up to 560°C (1,050°F). It is a very good rear compound for touring car applications in combination with RS 14 front pads. Application: Club racing (very popular in Porsche club racing), Touring cars, GT cars and single-seater up to F3.

RS 5 Blue
New medium friction ceramic type racing compound, fading resistant up to 650°C (1,200°F). the RS5's high initial bite combined with the flattest torque curve of all PAGID racing materials guarantees and excellent modulation characteristic and controllability. Very good for preventing tire lock-ups and flat spots. Application: all single-seaters (very popular in EU F3 racing), Touring cars, GT cars, SportsCars (e.g. DP in US Rolex), Rally cars.

RS 14 Black
Medium high friction racing compound with high initial bite, excellent release characteristic, very good modulation (controllability) and due to the high ceramic content low heat conductivity. RS14 has a low wear rate and is fade resistant up to a temperature of 650°C (1,200°F). Applications: Touring cars, Rally cars (tarmac), GT cars, WSC, DP, single-seaters, NASCAR .

RS 15 Grey
High friction racing compound with high content of ceramic materials, fade resistance up to 700ºC (1,300ºF). It combines a 20% higher friction value than the RS14 with a slightly increased pad wear. Although the RS15 has a good controllability and release characteristic it needs finesse to avoid over braking the car, especially with lightweight cars or cars with boosted brakes. Applications: Touring cars, Rally cars (tarmac), GT cars, WSC, high down-force single-seaters, NASCAR.

RS 19 Yellow
Best compound for endurance racing on the basis of the RS14. A slight reduction of the friction value improves the modulation (controllability). Nevertheless, the friction value is enough for cars without power-assisted brake system and ensures comfortable low effort on the brake pedal. Constant temperatures up to 600°C (1,100°F) are possible. The combination of friction value, fading stability and low wear rates on pads and discs (rotors) realized with this material is unmatched up to now. Due to its excellent release characteristics and controllability PAGID endurance materials are also often used for sprint races. A multiple winner of Daytona 24h, Le Mans 24h, Sebring 12h, Spa 24 h, Nürburgring 24h, often with no pad change and usually no disc (rotor) change. Application: All endurance racing cars from Group N (Speed-WC, Grand Am Cup), Group A up to GT and Sport-Prototypes (Grand Am DP).

RS 29 Yellow
RS29 combines the outstanding wear rate of the RS19 with a slightly higher coefficient of friction and initial bite. Due to its excellent driveability PAGID endurance materials are also often used for sprint races. Application: All endurance racing cars from group N (Speed-WC, Grand Am Cup), Group A up to GT and Sport-Prototypes (Grand Am DP).
Pagid for Aftermarket Big Brake Kits Pagid Bedding Procedure Pagid Friction Graph
Pagid - Ford Year Front Rear
Capri I 69 - 73 3190
Capri Ii 74 - 87 4905
Escort 1.3 Gt 68 - 76 3190
Escort 2.0 Rs 75 - 80 4905
Escort 2.0 Rs Cosworth 92 - 95 1675 1163
Focus w/ Brembo Gran-Turismo 00 - 02 1408
Puma 1.7 16V 97 - 4823
Sierra 2.0 Rs Cosworth 87 -90 4702 1163
Sierra 2.0 Rs Cosworth 90 - 93 1675 1163
Gt 05 - 2487 2487

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Porterfield Racing Brake Pads

Since 1986 Porterfield Enterprises has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality competition brake pads and brake products to the performance racing industry. A close working relationship with leading professional motorsport teams has led to the development of one of the finest racing brake pads ever produced. This uniquely engineered composite brake pad using the latest ceramic composite technology design combines high performance materials to make a better stopping and more rotor-friendly brake pad. Continued...

Brake Pad Compound Information
Note: Porterfield can make any pad from these compounds if a listing is not shown we would need the year make and model. If it is a pad for an after market caliper that we do not show a listing for we would need a tracing of the pad with the length, height, and total thickness (including backing plate) desired. Most pads can be made and shipped on the same day ordered.
While most competitors prefer BMW M3s and various forced inducted AWD machines, these autocrossers from Detroit, enter a seemingly unthreatening entrant with this 2000 Ford Focus. Major modifications include fully adjustable suspension, significantly tuned and aligned by driver/engineer Jason Kolk, and a substantially rebuilt transmission. The motor remains relatively stock, except for a few minor bolt-ons. All drivers are successful in Central Division competition, and have an aspiring goal to find a top 10 at Nationals in Street Modified.
Ford Focus #90 Pictured is Ryan Schnackenberg, Jason Kolk, and Michael Burns, drivers of this Ford Focus in Street Modified, while competing in SCCA Solo II Central Division. This Focus uses Porterfield R-4s Brake Pads and Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid. Photography accredited to Isaac West. Brake Pads
DeTomaso - Porterfield Years P/N Front P/N Rear
DeTomaso Pantera 70-74 AP63 GD535
DeTomaso Pantera 95 + AP592
Ford - Porterfield Years P/N Front P/N Rear
Escape 01-03 AP843 SHOE760
Escort 97-03 AP473 AP636
Escort 1.8L & 1.9L (Caliper 22-13) 91-96 AP473 AP458
Escort 1.9L (Caliper 22-14) 91-96 AP466 AP458
Fiesta 77-81 AP133 SHOE477
Five Hundred 05-06 AP 1070 AP 1071
Focus 00-04 AP816 AP886
Focus w/Rear Drum 00-04 AP816 SHOE747
Focus SVT 02-04 AP970 AP886
Focus ZX4 ST 05-06 AP1044 AP886
Focus 05-06 AP 1044 SHOE 747
Granada 75-80 APD-91 APD-102
GT 05-06 AP 1001 AP 1001
Pinto 75-77 APD-90 SHOE431
Pinto 78-80 APD-90 SHOE474
Probe 88-92 AP399 AP400
Probe 93-97 AP583 AP584
Probe Rear Drum 93-97 AP583 SHOE667
SUV / Truck
Taurus w/Metal Piston 86-92 AP421 AP545
Taurus w/Phelonic Piston 86-92 AP324 AP545
Taurus 1993 AP421 AP610
Taurus 94-00 AP601 AP610
Taurus 01-05 AP598 AP610
Taurus SHO w/Metal Piston 89-92 AP421S AP347
Taurus SHO w/Phelonic Piston 89-92 AP324 AP347
Taurus SHO 1993 AP421S AP610
Taurus SHO 94-95 AP601 AP610
Taurus SHO 96-00 AP598 AP610
Thunderbird 87-88 AP200 AP347
Thunderbird 89-92 AP417 AP545
Thunderbird 93-97 AP600 AP599
Thunderbird Sport Package 96-97 AP598 AP599
Thunderbird 02-03 AP805 AP599
Thunderbird 02-04 AP805 AP806
ZX2 2003 AP816 AP886
Lincoln - Porterfield Years P/N Front P/N Rear
LS 00-02 AP805 AP806
LS 04-06 AP805 AP944
LS 3.0 V6 Eng 2003 AP805 AP806
LS 3.9 V8 Eng 2003 AP805 AP944
SUV / Truck
Mercury - Porterfield Years P/N Front P/N Rear
Cougar 289eng 1967 APD-11 SHOE151
Cougar 289eng 1967 SHOE154 SHOE151
Cougar 390eng 1967 APD-11 SHOE169
Cougar 390eng 1967 SHOE169 SHOE169
Cougar 6cyl., 302eng & 390eng 1968 APD-34 SHOE151
Cougar 302eng 1968 SHOE154 SHOE151
Cougar 390eng & 427eng & 428eng 1968 SHOE169 SHOE169
Cougar 8cyl, 427eng & 428eng 1968 APD-34 SHOE169
Cougar 8cyl 1968 APD-34 SHOE152
Cougar 6cyl 1969 SHOE154 SHOE151
Cougar 8cyl 1969 SHOE169 SHOE152
Cougar 8cyl 428eng 1969 SHOE169 SHOE169
Cougar 70-73 APD-34 SHOE152
Cougar 70-72 SHOE169 SHOE152
Cougar 74-75 APD-50 SHOE169
Cougar 76-79 APD-50 SHOE263
Cougar 80 AP152 SHOE569
Merkur - Porterfield Years P/N Front P/N Rear
Scorpio 87-89 AP298 AP382
XR4 Ti 85-89 AP298 SHOE557

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Raybestos has been making brake pads for over 100 years. They have proven themselves as a top brake pad manufacturer for both street and racing brake pads. Their street pads have been readily available for years, and now so will their race pads. Raybestos racing brake pads will now be available at Livermore Performance Inc.

ST38 - "B" slightly lower mu than ST42. Wear still not as good as ST41. Good performance over broad temperature range with minimal rotor wear. Successful in a broad range of racing series. Use in dirt where you want less bite than ST41/ST43.

ST41 - "A" the best high energy input racing material available. Extremely successful in all the top three NASCAR series Raced by the 2002 NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. Maintains high mu level at extremely high temperatures without sacrificing good wear - both pad and rotor. Needs some heat to work well.

ST42 - "J" lower mu than ST41 and ST43. Extremely stable average and in stop output over a wide temperature range. Has been very successful when used on the rear in conjunction with 41 on the front. Best high-temperature wear of all their materials.

ST43 - Friction level and wear rate between ST41 and ST42. Stability is not quite as good as 42 but better than 41. Excellent open wheel formula.

ST44 - High friction material slightly less aggressive than ST41
DeTomaso - Raybestos Years Front Rear
DeTomaso Pantera 70-74 AP63
DeTomaso Pantera 95 + AP592.16
Ford - Raybestos Years Front Rear
Escort 1.8L & 1.9L (Caliper 22-13) 91-96 AP45.19
Escort 1.9L (Caliper 22-14) 91-96 AP45.19
Fiesta 77-81 R133
GT 05-06 R1001 R1001
Probe 88-92 AP400.22
Probe 93-97 AP583
Probe Rear Drum 93-97 AP583
Taurus 94-00 AP601.30
Taurus SHO 94-95 AP601.30
Thunderbird 87-88 AP200.20
Thunderbird 93-97 AP600.30
Thunderbird 02-03 AP805
Thunderbird 02-04 AP805 AP806.15
Lincoln - Raybestos Years Front Rear
LS 00-02 AP805 AP806.15
LS 04-06 AP805
LS 3.0 V6 Eng 2003 AP805 AP806.15
LS 3.9 V8 Eng 2003 AP805
Mercury - Raybestos Years Front Rear
Cougar 289eng 1967 RD-11 .550 stock
Cougar 390eng 1967 RD-11 .550 stock

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